Gardens Gardens Gardens

The beauty and tranquillity of little known Shropshire can be fully appreciated at this very unusual property.  It stands in a spectacular position overlooking Hawkstone Park one of the few Grade I landscapes in the country.

The garden which lies to the south and west of the house extends to some three acres. At its core is a sandstone rocky outcrop with winding paths, which go right around and over it.

Being fortunate enough to have a light acid soil, the main part of the garden is full of rhododendrons, azaleas,  camellias, acers and heathers of many varieties. The many areas of lawn around the garden help to give it perspective.

A thatched Victorian-style summerhouse can be found on the far side of the garden by some stone steps. Guests can sit at this tranquil, idyllic spot and gaze across the Shropshire plain to the Welsh hills in the distance. Mature trees of oak, scots pine and copper beach give shade and a heightened dimension to the garden, while younger species of conifer and ornamental trees provide colour and interest all year round. 

The large kitchen garden, which provides nearly all the vegetables and soft fruit for the house, has  the protection of a high Victorian brick wall. This part of the garden is formal in design, with inter-connecting paved paths, and is as much ornamental as functional. It could be more accurately described as a potager, a place where vegetables and flowers happily intermingle.